4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer

According to the National Safety Council, over 200,000 Americans are injured each year in the bathroom. There are hazards all around in this space we use each day – slippery surfaces, hot water, electrical devices – which is why caution is necessary in the bathroom.

Risks can never be eliminated completely, but there are steps that can be taken in order to make the bathroom safer to use. Depending on your needs, the modifications needed will likely vary.

Here are some ways your bathroom can be made safer:

  • Good traction underfoot. In a room that has so much water splashing around, having sufficient traction on the floor is essential. Grout lines increase this traction, which means smaller tiles are generally best, especially in the Finished Bathroomshower. Stone or ceramic tiles designed with a little extra grit are also a safe option for bathroom floors.
  • Grab bars in the shower. Having grab bars installed in the shower or bathtub is an excellent safety precaution for anybody, but especially for adults 65 years of age or older. These bars help people who have trouble standing up on their own and need a little extra help while bathing. They come in all imaginable looks and finishes.
  • A simplified tub entry. Newer home designs feature showers and tubs that do not need to be climbed into. The space can simply be stepped into with no barrier in the way, eliminating the precarious moment when a person can slip and fall. If your bathroom is being redesigned, consider installing a shower that is easy to enter and exit.
  • Adequate overhead lighting. A bathroom that is too dark can result in an increased risk of injury for those using it. Check the lighting in your bathroom to make sure the space is lit up enough, particularly at night. Installing some new lights overhead or changing out your existing bulbs for stronger ones are simple solutions to this issue.

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