About Us

At Mark Tango Plumbing, we know what you are looking for when it comes to a plumbing service—you want a master plumber, an expert plumber, a plumber who is not a slob, and a plumber who will not overcharge you. We are local and reliable Boston area plumbers that have the skills and the experience you are looking for. But most importantly, we take pride in our work and how we treat our customers.

We know the general reputation of the average plumber when it comes to service is less than stellar… We have heard the complaints, the murmurs, and the jokes many a time before…NONE of them apply to us.

These are a few of the statements you will not say again after using Mark Tango Plumbing.

“The only thing I am looking for is a dependable plumber.”

Let’s start with the easy stuff;

A plumber that shows up…

We are painfully aware of what ‘dependable service’ means…and what you expect when you say you are looking for dependable service.

We know it and we live it.

Still easy stuff;

“It drives me crazy when the plumber comes in to do the job and I have to hire a maid service to clean the mess they leave behind.”

We know you would prefer a plumber that…

We know you like things clean… so when we leave the workspace, it will be at least as clean as it was when we arrived and more often than not, even cleaner.

Now the ‘Not very difficult if you had a good upbringing and you are in business for the long haul’ stuff;

“I just get the feeling that they may have taken a short cut.”

“I feel like I overpaid”

“I feel like we were taken advantage of based on the fact that we don’t know.”

Quite often, any or all three of these statements are made when talking about the work of any tradesmen.

Ultimately, it comes down to this… At Mark Tango Plumbing, we have been servicing the North Shore for more than 20 years. Our expertise covers all major plumbing services, installations, and repairs. Our customers have come to expect top-of-the-line customer service and the highest quality craftsmanship that is priced appropriately and comes with a 100% guarantee. We were raised to do the job right the first time, even if it meant taking a little longer to complete the job… Our philosophy proves itself every day and saves you money.

We will provide you with a free estimate, and an honest assessment of the situation so you can make an informed decision. We encourage you to check around to see if our estimates are reality based. We also recommend that you check our references and our reviews to see just how happy our customers are. We have nothing to hide… on the contrary, perhaps not enough space to show you all that we are. We have been working in the Boston North Shore for over 25 years as a local plumber you can rely on.

Our goal…
To ensure that there are five adjectives used to describe your plumber:
Dependable, Reliable, Affordable, Honest, Professional.

We consider every job a new opportunity to create a lifelong customer.

Call us today at 781-944-8043 .