Appliance Review: Traditional vs. Solar Water Heater Comparison

There was a time when heating your home’s water with the power of the Sun meant a whole lot more than a leisurely trip to the hardware store. In 1979, if paying today’s equivalent of $6,000 wasn’t an option, having a solar water heater meant building your own. And while that may be an appealing backyard project for some people, there’s now some solace for the rest of us.

Solar heaters still require a far greater initial investment than traditional gas heaters, and there’s considerable debate about whether the energy that solar models save can ever cover the cost of the equipment. Tax breaks and other government assistance help, but the sticker shock may still be too much. Yet if you can stomach the investment, no other type of heater comes close to the sustainability of solar. According to the EPA, depending on your situation, solar heaters can reduce your energy bills to a fifth of what they are now.

As with any major appliance decision, this is a balance between capability and affordability. Everyone’s situation is unique, and we’ll do our best to equip you to make the right call for your household.

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