How to Create a Modern Bathroom

Modern bathrooms have been all the craze in the past few years, and in fact, they will continue to grow for many years to come. From their sleek look to their clean appearance, a modern bathroom is everything and more. While many people often are stuck choosing between rustic and modern bathrooms when remodeling, many people choose modern since it is stunningly chic. Let’s look at some of the elements that will help you to create the modern bathroom of your dreams.

Clutter-Free Spaces: The key to modern bathrooms, as well as kitchens, is the lack of clutter. The tabletops should be clutter-free and clean to really give the room the more industrial, modern look you are going for. One of the things you can do is store all items in cabinets, or in more sneaky places like behind a mirror. This ensures that there is no clutter on countertops but still allows for a lot of storage room for you and your family.

Tiling: Matte finished tiles are all the rage regarding modern bathrooms. They can help you to add a unique finish to the room while maintaining the upscale look. Tile is easy because it is water resistant and easy to clean.

Faucets: One of the most underrated changes you can make to your bathroom is a change with the sink. While many people get ahead of themselves and redo massive parts of their bathroom, like the countertops, sometimes it can be more beneficial to make a change to the faucet and/or sink because it really is a centerpiece of the room.

Showers: Nowadays, one of the biggest trends that we have seen is the rain shower. Acting as the true centerpiece of the bathroom, this can really add a flair that was not there before.

Lighting: Lighting is crucial, and it is important to have good lighting, and fixtures that match the theme of the room are important as well.  One of the larger trends this year was copper lighting fixtures that add a bit to the industrial feel of a modern bathroom.

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