Is It Time to Replace Your Toilet?

The toilet is one of the most important parts of any household, which is why it is so necessary for homeowners to keep them in top working shape. A broken toilet can throw any home out of whack, creating a level of discomfort everybody would rather avoid.

Here are a few warning signs that a new toilet is needed:

  • Constant running. If you toilet is running or spontaneously even when it has not been flushed, this is typically the sign of a malfunctioning flapper or float. Letting the water run constantly will run up your utility bill, wasting both the water and money in the process. Call in a professional the moment you notice this taking place.
  • Poor flushing. Nobody wants to face a situation where their toilet takes a long time to flush, or does not flush at all. Low water levels or a clogged sewer line can all contribute to a low flush, which will need to be inspected by a professional. If the problem lies with the toilet and not outside factors, it will need an upgrade.
  • Hissing sounds. Hissing or trickling noises coming from your toilet is the result of internal tank pieces being worn out or needing an adjustment. A plumber will be able to diagnose the source of the issue right away; if every part needs replacement except for the bowl, a new toilet is the most cost-effective option.
  • Regular leaking. It is all too easy to overlook a small leak until the floor around your toilet shows signs of damage. Take a look at your toilet and check for any hairline cracks or bad seals that could be contributing to the leak. A leaky toilet will need to be replaced before the floor is harmed with costly mold or mildew.

Any of these problems not only make the toilet difficult to use, they are also extremely irritating. Having a toilet replaced comes with a number of benefits, including the reduction of septic and sewer waste flow, improving the look of a bathroom and preventing unexpected repairs.

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